Yummy treats was originally established in 2006 with one mission: to bring a high-quality and healthy dog treat option to London and surrounding areas. 

With our own dog Ozzy at home, we started to see all the dog foods and treats being recalled, and decided that we wanted to know exactly what we were feeding him! With this in mind we thought other dog owners might have the same thought! Which brought on the idea of Yummy Treats!

When Yummy Treats started in 2006, we slowly made our way to owning a brick and mortar store on Main Street in Lambeth. We stayed opened for a couple years but eventually closed due to  relocation.

More then 10 years later we are back in our small town with the same passion as previously to provide a healthy dog treats option. So we have reopened  our family owned business, Yummy Treats, expanding our treat options to not only dogs but also cats. As well as introducing different types of treats.

Our passion for excellence and for providing a healthy treat option for your pets inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves in our ingredients and the relationships we've built with our customers. 

And at 16 years old Ozzy is still happy to be our taste tester for all of the treats!