Benefits of Bananas

Updated: May 19, 2021

Do dogs need fruits and veggies too?

Bananas may not be the first thing you go to grab when your puppers are hounding you for treats (... or they can also be incorporated in too!) . But like for us bananas provide nutrients and vitamins to you and your doggo.

These benefits might be a-peeling to you...they are a great source of...

Potassium (promotes bone growth/strength)

Magnesium (helps strength muscles)

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6 (improves brain function)




And they can also support the immune system and promote skin and coat health. So they can make a great in addition to your dogs treats or diet ( moderation of course don't go bananas ;), because since they are a fruit they high in sugar).

Hmm... Why are bananas so attractive? They just have the a-peel. :')

Bone Appetit!

Reminder: any questions or concerns about what your dog can eat or questions about their diet should be discussed with a licensed vet!

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