Cinnamon Edition

We recently added some cinnamon to our cereal in the mornings, guess you could say we added a little spice to our LIFE ;)


But this blog isn't about us, it is about our poochers, so let's take a look about how cinnamon can benefit your furry friends!

First, lets take a little history lesson shall we! Cinnamon comes in either a branch or powdered form and we typically use it to flavor our food and drinks or as an aromatic.

But where does it come from?

Well, it is actually the inner bark of the genus Cinnamomum trees! The plants grow best in warm and humid environments, which is why many of them are grown in South Asia and Sri Lanka.

If cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree... why do the stores sell so much ground cinnamon? ;)

So how can this be helpful for your may ask or may not ask but we will tell you anyway ;)

Cinnamon is...

1. An anti-inflammatory

  • cinnamon is high in eugenol which is a known anti-inflammatory

2. Antioxidant

  • cinnamon contains vitamin C and flavonoids (natural antioxidants)

3. Anti-cancer properties

  • because cinnamon is high in antioxidants it can lead to having anti-cancer properties because the cinnamon aids in protecting the DNA from oxidative stress which in turn can prevent damage to the cells

4. Digestive properties

  • helpful because of the high fiber content, which improves intestinal transit

These in turn could potentially …

  1. Prevent some degenerative diseases

  2. Support the immune system

  3. Stimulate circulation

  4. Help prevent diabetes, obesity and hyperglycemia

  5. Help/ relieve gastro disorders and arthritis symptoms

Who would have known "tree bark" could do all of this! But everything in moderation OF COURSE!


So maybe next time you are adding cinnamon to your food think of your furry friend too!

Several of our treats contain cinnamon (especially our cinnapups), so maybe check out our products if you are looking for a way to incorporate more cinnamon into your dogs diet!

As always, Stay Pawesome!!

Oh and we asked our dog Ozzy, if he knew a synonym for cinnamon. But all he did was bark ;)


Reminder: any questions or concerns about what your dog can eat or questions about their diet should be discussed with a licensed vet!

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