Spice Spice Baby

Seasoning Greetings guys,

We were recently product testing, and when we gave them to our furry taste testers. We noticed that many people are not aware of the benefits that turmeric can have for dogs... or even that dogs can have turmeric.


So this week we are here to tell you the benefits that turmeric can have and list some other food/ spices that you may not know dogs can have!

Okay so how can turmeric spice up your furry friends life...

Can provide anti-inflammatory properties

Can provide anti-arthritic properties

Can be used to help alleviate gastro disorders

Can help prevent cancers

Can help strength bone growth

Can help with cataract symptoms

Can be used for anti- bacterial, anti-fungal properties

A natural spice like turmeric can be used as a natural supplement to help improve your dog’s health. Turmeric may alleviate your dog’s symptoms naturally, so they may not have to take other prescription drugs or steroids.

As thyme goes on there is more research being done about what our dogs can not only eat safely but that can benefit them! Here's some food that you may not know your dog can have...


  1. Cinnamon

  2. Turmeric ;)

  3. Saffron

  4. Anise

  5. Cumin

  6. Carob

  7. Blueberries

  8. Bananas

  9. Eggs

  10. Salmon

  11. Popcorn (unseasoned)

  12. Green peas

  13. Corn

  14. Watermelon

  15. Strawberries

...and the list goes on... everything in moderation though! Too much of anything can upset their stomachs!

Lettuce celebrate, all the food that our furry friends can eat!

As always, stay pawesome!

Reminder: any questions or concerns about what your dog can eat or questions about their diet should be discussed with a licensed vet!


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