They've Got The Poo-wer

Have you ever wonder why your dog eats poop, or maybe you've seen other dogs do it? Maybe you are just completed grossed or maybe just curious... well either way we may be able to answer your question...


There are a few common reasons why your or someone else's dog may be doing this...

  • Enzyme deficiency

  • A poor diet and lack of nutrients can cause this, and because of this they are seeking other sources to get those nutrients

  • Parasites

  • Parasites can cause dogs to become nutrient deficient which again may cause them to eat poop as they are looking for another way to get those nutrients

  • Anxiety

  • Eating poop can be a displacement behavior that your dog can have. This can be from different types of anxiety (ex. separation anxiety, general anxiety, lack of enrichment activities, etc.)

  • or they could just be bored

  • Yup as much as this may not be the scientifically sound answer you were looking for, your dog may just bored... but even though they may do this we can't deny that they are still stinkin' cute


If your doggo just recently started doing this or it has been happening for awhile maybe a trip to the vet to double check everything is okay, may be a good idea!

Reminder: any questions or concerns about the health or behaviour of your dog should be discussed with a licensed vet!

Stay Poo-esome!

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