Time To Make Woofles??

Is it just our dog or does yours also like to treat and chill?


How can we not give them more treats though? Especially, when the perk of the ears, tilt of the head and or the full-on freak out is so cute when you say "do you want a treat?"

Even though giving your dog treats is adorable, it actually has real benefits!

Since a high percentage of dogs are food motivated, treats become invaluable.

When training your dog, treats are especially important because they provide positive reinforcements when your furry friend does the right actions. This is helpful when learning more difficult behaviors and actions. Using dry treats is good because you can easily break them up into smaller pieces. So they are still getting a treat but not too much to over indulge them!

Healthy treats are good to incorporate into their diet for an extra boost of nutrients with out giving them actual vitamins. Singles ingredient or few ingredient treats are usually a good choice like dehydrated fruits, veggies or meats! Dehydration when done at lower temperatures keeps most of the nutrients in the item but simply extends the shelf life! Other few ingredient treats that don't container preservatives and filler ingredients can also be good choices because they are gentler on their digestive system!

Distraction treats which can be given if you have to leave for a longer period of time to keep them busy for awhile. These can be something like bully sticks or soft treats that can be put in their Kong or other eating toys!

And finally our favourite treat to feed our dog, the spoiling treats, these treats are for special occasions or if they have been extra good that week. These treats are usually richer and more decadent which is why they are given less often!

Looking at treat ingredients is also very beneficial so you know exactly what your dog is eating, if you can't read the ingredients and wouldn't want to eat the ingredients yourself, do you want you furry friend too?

When used right treats benefit your dogs health and happiness in a multitude of ways!

We tried to stop ourselves for sharing just one more dog pun, but then said, "oh, fur-get it!" ;)

As always, stay pawesome! ... and spoil your furry friends, they deserve it!

... p.s we offer all those all natural treats right here on our website, how convenient ;)


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